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Prolific singer and songwriter Kwabena Kwabena says he finds it absurd to be judged over his fashion sense.
According to the love crusader, painting his nails, and his cloth choices allow him to be himself.
In an interview with Nana Aba on Starr Chat, he lamented “It is absurd to watch a picture and pass a judgment per sexuality, and it is quite childish to say that about me. I am doing what I enjoy doing, allow me to be myself”.
He explained: “Painting my nails keep my nails clean, I bite my nails when am nervous, painting my nails prevent me from biting them. Don’t base my sexuality per my fashion sense”.
Speaking about homosexuality in Ghana noted, “I hate to support hypocritical conversations. God is watching all of us, if it is against the law why do we have it here”.
Kwabena Kwabena is done with another love-filled album dubbed ‘Fa Mi Saa’ off the album is his new single ‘Kwadede’ and his yet to be released soothing piece ‘ Afraid to lose you’.
Source: Ghana/ Arthur