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The SRC of the Ghana School of Law is seeking to remove their President. Mr Wonder Victor Kutor has denied claims of wrongdoing against him by some of his fellow executives over alleged procurement breaches.

According to executives, Mr Kutor needs to answer for circumstances leading to the procurement of a Toyota Corolla salon vehicle he purchased for the school, accusing him of inflating the cost of the purchase price to Ghc71, 000.

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Ahead of a probe, the executives are asking the SRC President to step down in order to pave way for an independent investigative body that has been put together by the other executives to look into the matter.

Mr Kutor and his Vice President for the Greenhill campus at GIMPA, Mr Yoofi Impraim are currently in Texas on an official SRC visit.

The centre of this investigation is that the SRC President procured a faulty vehicle which should not have cost that much.

In response, he told, the matter is in court and he will not like to be cited for contempt by discussing the details of the case.

When pushed to justify why he thinks his colleagues will be calling for his head, he said “Jesus Christ who came save the world was even crucified by his inner circle people”.

“I was not even part of the procurement committee that went to purchase the vehicle. There was even a member of management on the committee.

“They say the vehicle cost Ghc71,000  but that is not the case. The vehicle cost Ghc62,000. The cost of registering the vehicle, branding it and the one-year comprehensive insurance brings the amount to the Ghc71,000″.

A statement signed by the Secretary of the SRC, Mr Safo Kwame Ohenaba and dated April 11, 2022, said among other things that the SRC President is being urged to step aside for an independent investigation into the purchase of the vehicle.

The statement followed an earlier one signed and circulated by the same SRC Secretary as saying an initial probe by the SRC executives found the answers by the President unsatisfactory.

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